Happiness is Nappiness

Quote: It’s not how much we Have, but how much we Enjoy, hat makes Happiness ♥ Photo by Carmela Campisi


Doggy Dialogue at the Park

A Hilarious conversation between Tuzo the English Bulldog puppy and Vizsla. I love how little Tuzo is such a good listener and waits to makes his barking argument ;-)


A Day at the Beach

Camilla, the English Bulldog’s first visit to Kits Point


Barking is Funny

Baby Elias giggling at his Bulldog brother, Sidd


Unusual Friends

Whoever said Dogs and Cats are natural enemies obviously never met Nuysha and Sonia. Nuysha the Bulldog and Sonia the Kitty are Best Fur Friends ♥


Puppy Cuteness

There can never be Too Much Puppy Cuteness ♥


Bulldog Massage

Is your Bulldog close to a Burn Out? Is your Bulldog stressed out from all those daily activities?


Stop Texting I Need Hugs

Hey You! Drop that phone and give me some Hugs. No time for Texting Bulldog in need of Love ♥


A Bulldog’s Warm Welcome

Meet Pogi, a very a very happy 15 month old Bulldog. Pogi means handsome in Tagalog (Filipino language).


Wanna Go Outside?

I think Somebully wants to go outside :D Mollie sure is Happy and Eager to go outside.